Modular SAGD Well Pad

Ex-Tar’s  modular, portable, and low cost patented SAGD well pad minimizes exposure to the cost and schedule risk conditions that are expected on future Oilsands EOR projects, like SAGD.

Ex-Tar’s SAGD pad- main characteristics:

  • All modules are close coupled (no pipe racks)
  • Designed to be portable to reduce reserve life index
  • Less pipe and steel with the no pipe rack design
  • Insulation, heat tracing, instrument wiring and electrical completed in the module shop
  • Hydro-testing completed in module shop
  • All pad piping and controls on pre-built modules

An independent study has been conducted by a leading international Engineering firm to test this new design concept and assess the cost, schedule and technical feasibility of the innovative design in comparison to a typical prior art SAGD well pad.

The results indicate an estimated construction cost reduction of more than $200,000 (USD) per well pair (compared to the Prior Art SAGD well pad), plus a reduction of 3 months in the site construction schedule. As a side benefit, because of design standardization, there will also be a reduction in the engineering hours on repeat projects.

Applicability to Differing SAGD Processes and Well Lay Outs:

The new pad design is highly flexible and easily applicable to the different processes used by industry. Among these differing processes are: lift gas injection with distributed separations on the pad level, and Electrical Submersible Pumps with flow meters and analyzers.

Licensing and Engineering Support:

Ex-Tar Technologies Inc. is seeking to license this innovative proprietary pad design with current and future SAGD owners, along with the option to provide design and construction support as (and if) required. Off-shore design outsourcing can be an option.

Proprietary technology:

The proposed SAGD pad was issued as a patent in the United States (US Patent 7647976  issued January 19th, 2010) and in Canada (Canadian patent 2584627 issued January 26th, 2010). For more information please refer to the IP page.

SAGD Well site Basic Block Module (WBBM) schematic pipe layout- End view:

"Figure 1"

SAGD WBBM isometric- Module tie-in view:

"Figure 2"

Perpendicular SAGD WBBM pad- conceptual lay-out:

Double side Quad SAGD WBBM- top view:

"Figure 3"

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